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About CREA House

When we first envisioned what has become CREA House, we saw it as a facility with the following: 1st floor –Open to the public with areas for meetings both formally and informally; 2nd floor – home to a faith community, 3rd floor – a research and education center

Today, much of what we envisioned is in place. The 1st floor also has our Print Room where all CREA’s printing is done. In addition we provide printing at cost for other non-profits in the metroHartford area. The 1st and 3rd floors also have rooms for guests, both long term and short term. Over the years we have had guests from Africa, Asia, Europe, the Caribbean, Latin America and many places in the US stay with us for one or more days or for an extended time. We wanted CREA House to be a place where people of like mind and heart could come together for rest, relaxation and space to explore new ways to do our work. 

CREA also hosts meetings at CREA House, providing dinner and other meals for all participants so that we can get to know each other as persons, not just as representatives of our respective organizations, companies, etc. This is a component of what we call the “neutral space” methodology that CREA has developed. We have found that by getting to know one another as persons, when we meet to discuss the issues on the table, we are able to enter into that discussion in a more focused manner which leaves aside personality, past history, etc. and allows us to make greater progress in developing solutions. 

CREA House also has an extensive garden which we have developed in the almost 15 years we have had the property. Initially covered with many forms of trash and weeds, the grounds in front, on the side and behind the building are filled primarily with perennials which expand each year in a glorious display of color and permanence. In addition, we have a vegetable garden on the side of the house and grape vines that line the driveway onto the property. The garden is part of our commitment to build a more sustainable community where we live in Hartford. Hartford is the poorest city of its size in the US while being the capital of one of the top two (with New Jersey) richest states in per capita income in the US. The North End of Hartford, where CREA House is located, is the a poor part of this poorest city. Along with others in the community we are convinced of the possibility and hope for the area.

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