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CREA Mission Statement

With and on behalf of persons whose human rights have been violated or disregarded, CREA offers opportunities to develop ideas, economic constructs and tools to assist in the restoration and the enhancement of those rights. Our perspective is “bottom up” rather than “trickle down”, envisioning sustainable communities where all ordinary human beings live and work in dignity as the source and foundation of global security.

Center: A neutral space where persons can come to reflect and to analyze public and social policies in an atmosphere of mutual respect and collaboration, where ideas can be generated, critiqued, transformed, and implemented. At our Center we choose a “non-oppositional stance” in what we do and how we do it, seeing others not as opponents, but as potential colleagues in the search for ways to create a better and more equitable world.

Reflection: At CREA the foundational point for our reflection and analysis is the dignity of all human beings, and the human, social and economic rights and responsibilities that are essential to that dignity. Our analysis uses these rights as the lens through which we evaluate public and social policies and develop alternative proposals and possibilities.

Education: CREA facilitates the analysis of public policies from the perspective of their effects on human lives, beginning from the lives of people who are poor, and not from the perspective of profit. Opportunities to participate in this analysis are offered in formal educational settings, in popular education programs, in informal gatherings, and in publications.

Action: At CREA we seek to be pro-active, developing constructs, such as economic models which will serve as constructive contributions to the global challenges affecting lives everywhere.

Our Mission: About Us
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