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Top Ten Reasons To Support CREA

  1. Believe in the inherent dignity of all human persons? This is the foundation of CREA's work.

  2. Concerned about economic justice?  CREA works for the systemic changes needed to bring about economic justice.

  3. Not enough time to get fully involved?  CREA works directly and full-time for economic justice.  CREA has the expertise for the job. CREA also provides ways for you to volunteer and get involved

  4. CREA has a proven 17+year track record.

  5. CREA works collaboratively in corporate social responsibility.  CREA works with other non-governmental organizations and with concerned corporate managers in a common effort to create systems that are fair and just.

  6. CREA does original work.   CREA’s Purchasing Power Index studies provide credible data on the purchasing power of workers’ wages and the actual prices required for family and community sustainability. CREA’s Systemic Analysis program opens up ways to think and talk about issues in order to reach an understanding of the underlying dynamics.

  7. CREA educates others and is educated by them.   CREA reaches workers’ groups, corporate compliance committees, university students and administrations, parishes and congregations, and advocates for economic justice.

  8. CREA works from both a local and a global perspective.  CREA’s studies, presentations, and workshops are carried out both locally and globally.

  9. CREA is not out to make profit for itself.  CREA is an incorporated 501-c-3 non-profit organization.

  10. CREA walks the talk.   CREA is located at CREA House, a building renovated by CREA staff, friends and volunteers in the North End, a poor and struggling Hartford neighborhood.  Now CREA House, it is the organization’s research center, welcoming space and heart of our mission.

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